2005 - May Locating the Borderlands is scheduled for performance.
2005 - March Odyssey Works becomes fiscally sponsored by Intersection for the Arts.
2005 - January Mr. Burickson and Mr. Purdon receive a donation from their former participant, Henry Rosenthal, to develop their next piece. They organize their loose collective of performers into Odyssey Works.
2004 - November After a long hiatus, in which Mr. Purdon and Mr. Burickson develop their separate artistic voices, they pick-up the dialogue again and begin to plan an event for the spring of 2005.
2003 - May The Heart of the Labrynth is performed for Henry Rosenthal. Not only is the event 24 hours long, but it is preceded by a series of interviews and happenings in the weeks prior to the actual performance day. The performance itself involves over two dozen people and extends from San Francisco to the East Bay Hills to the Port of Oakland. Mr. Rosenthal spends the night on the Art Ship, fighting for his heart and attending the trial of his sins and virtues.
2003 - January Mr. Purdon pitches his idea to Susan Hoffman at the SFSU Extension program in Community Arts. His class, "Experiments in Participatory Performance" is scheduled for May. Henry Rosenthal volunteers to be the subject for the class. No one enrolls, but Mr. Purdon and Mr. Burickson agree to create the performance anyway.
2002 - November Finished with separate experiences, Mr. Burickson and Mr. Purdon organize a one-day event for their other main collaborator, Ms. Green. The event expands from a 12 hours to 24 hours. Ms. Green sleeps in a cocoon on the side of Highway 1. She re-awakens in the morning as a monarch in Pacific Grove.
2002 - July Mr. Purdon creates "The Emergency Bachelor Recovery System" for John Guzzardo as a special bachelor party event. The performance extends from Hearst Castle to Big Sur and involves a clown being kidnapped by a man in a gorrilla suit.
2002 - June Mr. Purdon creates a short participatory piece for his art students final at CSU East Bay.
2002 - February Mr. Purdon decides to return the favor. He collaborates with Ms. Green to organize a one-day event for Mr. Burickson. In the course of event, Mr. Burickson burns the only copy of one of his poems. By the end of the day, he becomes transfixed by the sublime in a tunnel.
2001 - November Mr. Burickson collaborates with Phil Kohlmetz and Shoshsana Green to organize the first one-day participatory event for Mr. Purdon's 30th birthday. No boundaries are left unexplored. After digging himself out of his own sandy grave on the beach, Mr. Purdon runs naked into the sea and feels reborn.
2001 - July Mr. Purdon and Mr. Burickson hold their first experiment - 522 1/2 Haight St. A virtual apartment on the street that was put up for rent on Craig's List. They learn the power of working with and against people's expectations.
2001 - May On the beaches of Big Sur, Mr. Burickson and Mr. Purdon hold a series of discussions about the nature of art. They find inspiration from a box of orange juice, and the genesis of Odyssey Works is born.
2001 - April Mr. Burickson & Mr. Purdon collaborate again at the "Sporific" art party to create the"Eavesdropping Confession Booth".
2000 - November Abe Burickson and Matthew Purdon meet. They collaborate on their first installation piece, an immersive installation called the "Co-Lab Network"