<h1>This is the largest header</h1>

<h2>This is a larger header</h2>

<h3>This is a large header</h3>

<h4>This is a small header</h4>

<h5>This is a smaller header</h5>
<h6>This is the smallest header</h6>

<p>The content in here is all part of one paragraph.</p>

<br>This creates a line break
within a paragraph
or header

<PRE>This is used for preformatted text.</PRE>

<center>Centers the text like this</center>

<blockquote>Indents the text like this</blockquote>

<hr>This creates a horizontal rule across your page like this:


<b>This text will be bold</b>

<strong>This text is given weight, normally by being bold. </strong>

<i>This text will be in italics. </i>

<em>This text will be emphasized, normally by being in italics. </em>

<u>This text will be underlined. But people will think it’s a link. </u>



EXERCISE: Format a Poem

  1. Open poem.txt
  2. Copy and paste the text of E.E. Cummings "o spontaneous me" into a new file
  3. Save the file as poem.html
  4. Use the appropriate HTML tags so that the poem will appear the same in a web browser as it does in the text file.